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Private and semiprivate lessons scheduled to fit your life.Choose options from one to three hours.

We'll start by evaluating your fitness and riding experience and then talk about your goals-whether they are all bike related or are focused upon improving your fitness or working on weight management through cycling.  

UpOn A Bikes mission is to extend your comfort zone--not take you beyond where you feel safe and confident but to make you comfortable in a greater variety of circumstances. 'Where' you feel safe and confident does not only mean where you ride, but how fast you ride, how you tackle various terrain, using the full abilities of your body and bicycle, and many other aspects of riding a bike.  

What we talk about and do will be totally driven by you and will vary considerably based on your past experiences and fitness.  But some constants will remain no matter what your level.  Safety, both discussing safe and smart cycling and practicing the same on the road, will be of utmost importance.

Requirements:  Adults 18 and over. A functioning bike and a helmet.

Location: Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland by arrangement

Cost:  $35 per hour     $65 for two hours     

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1 Hour Lesson ($35) 2 Hour Lesson ($65)


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April 28, 2013
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