The Potomac Pedalers asked me to come up with some designs for their new club kit.  This is now available at Bike Reg.


I tried the fit kit today.  Here's some sizing help for the women's garments:

If you can't get to a fit kit, here's my sizing evaluation for the women's kit.  I am 5' 5", a solid size 8, and am on the larger size in ladies chest dimensions-if you get my drift.  Most of my bike jerseys are larges in women's fit, some mediums, XL in the European tight fit brands and I wear medium shorts but sometimes size up to a large.  Using the VOMax size chart on the Bike Reg site I seemed to be a club-cut medium and a race-cut XXL.  Here's a synopsis of how I found the fit of various sizes.

Club-cut M:  Perfect fit.  Little bit looser through the torso, plenty of 'chest' room, comfy arms.  More relaxed fit everywhere and gathered elastic bottom were the biggest differences from race-cut. (So the chart was right on.)

Club-cut L:  Too big everywhere-sleeves, chest, torso, hips.

Race-cut L:  Didn't even try. (This would have been the recommended size based on the club-cut size that fit.)

Race-cut XL:  Good fit.  Very body hugging but enough room for everything and very comfortable. (I'm buying this one.  The chart had me one size bigger.  VOMax recomends one size larger than what you would wear in the club cut--which would have been too small for me since I do carry some extra weight up there.)

Race-cut XXL:  A little looser in the torso and maybe a  better fit across the chest but the sleeves were very baggy-otherwise I would have considered buying this size.

Shorts:  This fit kit had only bibs and was missing the medium size.  Large seemed to fit perfectly.  XL was a little big.  Didn't try the small.

Hope this helps!




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April 28, 2013
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