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The mission of UpOn A Bike is to encourage more people to ride their bike and to ride safely.  

Sometimes taking the first step is the most difficult.  Going out on the rec path by yourself.  Riding the streets for the first time.  Donning Lycra.  Learning to use clipless pedals.  Riding in your first paceline.   UpOn A Bike came into existence to be there to help people make that first step (or that next step) in a safe, non-intimidating environment and not to have to learn by trial and error.  

Why encourage more cycling?  There are a myraid of reasons why riding a bike is a good thing and every cyclist has their own motivations.  My motivation to get people riding is that it is a fun and healthy form of exercise.  Remember when you were a kid how much freedom a bike meant?  As adults, we have so much going on in our lives and so many more worries and roadblocks that bikes too often sit collecting dust in the garage.  We force ourselves to gyms.  Too many people running look uncomfortable and miserable.  If you are uncomforable, miserable, stuck inside on a beautiful day you are less likely to exercise.  If you enjoy the exercise, you will do it more.  Simple as that.  

Okay. If it's so simple, why isn't everyone doing it?  Because of those roadblocks we put up.  Cycling takes too long.  The seat hurts my bottom. I'm afraid to ride on the streets.  What if I get a flat?  These are vaid concerns that are all within your control to overcome.  With just a little experience and education, you can feel safe and comfortable riding your bike and regain that incredible sense of adventure and freedom that a bicycle can bring.  


Teachng Philosophy

Bicycling safety is a priority.  You will ride better when you feel confident that you know where to be on the road and how to work your bike.  When you are confident and knowledgable you will be safer.  We don't want to take you out of your comfort zone.  Instead, we want to educate you both on and off the bike so that your comfort zone expands.  

For example, many riders feel safe on the bike path but not on the street.  But if you were aware of your rights as a cyclist on the road, where to position your bike in a lane in an intersection, and the most common causes of crashes and how to best avoid them you would be a safer and more confident rider on the street.  You would also learn that moderately experienced cyclists are actually SAFER on the streets than on a bike path.






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April 28, 2013
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